Electric Motorcycles

Dirt bikes can be frustrating. By: Steven Haughelstine

Don’t get me wrong, I love the low end power and pure tractor grunt of a thumper, but that is about it. So expensive to maintain, and so expensive to fix. For everyone who cries about mixing a little oil into your gas on a 2 stroke, I don’t think it is even comparable to dropping 3 drain plugs, an oil filter, and filling the mixing cup of a four stroke every other ride. I have been looking at new 450′s of all brands, and let me tell you it is disappointing to see that I could buy three 250 two strokes off craigslist for the same price as one fuel injected 450. When did dirt bikes get so expensive? In this dilemma of cost and maintenance issues of a 4stroke, and performance woes of a 2 stroke I have resorted to looking at how the whole electric motorcycle thing is coming along. Surprisingly these Electric bikes have come a long way. The sport-bike versions are insane, but in my opinion the Off Road electric motorcycle is still just an Electric Mountain Bike. There is one company that has a supermoto style that is looking close to a real dirt bike, but still has a long way to go before it is competitive with even a 250cc four stroke or 125cc 2 stroke. Until 4 strokes get cheaper or electric bikes get faster, Maybe I will build a big bore 2 stroke? Like a 280, or even a 300. What do you think?


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  1. 2strokejack says:

    I think the big bore 2 strokes the way to go, but how hard will it be on the bottom end?

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