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Riding the sand dunes is one of the best things that can be done on a motorcycle. With huge banked bowls like giant nascar corners, it is possible to go as fast as your bike can go, pulling incredible g-forces like a fighter jet, the feeling is better than anything else. If you are into flying for real, you can find a jump that allows you to fly as far as you want. The average size of jumps that we find in the dunes are 130ft or bigger! In the past 2 Motocross DVD’s we have produced “From the Ground Up 2” and “ELEMENTS“, both videos have featured one of my favorite spots to Free Ride Dirt bikes in the United States, Saint Anthony Sand Dunes in Idaho. Though not as big of an overall area as my home turf dunes of Glamis, CA, the Idaho dunes hold their own by having 10,000 acres of rideable OHV area, and most sand bowls reaching over 400 feet in hight! In the following video, we put together all the best shots from the 2 movies to make one sweet little video for all you Sand enthusiasts out there! Be sure to do some research, and make Saint Anthony Sand Dunes your next off road vacation destination!!!   -Steven Haughelstine


  1. desertelvis says:

    haven’t ridden the dunes in awhile, but this video really made me want to… and I think that is what this site is all about ~ it makes you wanna go RIDE!

  2. jakeyb686 says:

    god i love guys, Saint S is where its at and i love how you guys have left the mutha land of mx, socal there are so many great places to freeride in the idaho, montana, south dakota, and colorado that people dont know about because no one leaves cali! or the coast. i guess the great ride open came to delta Co, but come on there are three places in Co that would blow delta grand jun, area out of the water.

  3. Schooler says:

    Headed out to the Little Sahara Sand Dunes here in Utah in about 2 hours! Cant wait!

    • Kaleb says:

      I gree i have been to St Anthonies and it was pretty fun but i still stick with little sahara i live only about an hour and a half from there and its a blast!!

  4. Brandon24 says:

    The big dunes in the back are sick!

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